Dr. Celeste

Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Life-Coaching and Massage Therapy

Naturopathic Doctors wholistically listen to you - we take the time - and we listen to EVERYTHING.  How is your sleep? How is your energy? How is your mood? Why are you not losing weight? What are you doing for exercise? What are you eating? Do you know what's in that supplement?  What tests would you like to run? How do you want to feel HEALTHIER?.  We search for ways to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH. 

Dr. Celeste will be your detective, your advocate, your wellness guide.  We work together to figure out the balance in your whole being: MIND and BODY.  There is a VITAL force, which we all innately have, to HEAL ourselves.  From Nutrition, to Stress management, to Sleep optimization, supplementation, exercise and Massage Therapy, Dr. Celeste will be with you to guide you through your journey to Optimal Health. 

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