Dr. Celeste

Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Life-Coaching and Massage Therapy

Dr. J. Celeste Ruland is a true functional medical doctor. She is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (#ND 00012), Licensed Massage Therapist (#MT 02284), and NASM certified personal trainer, who specializes in addressing your concerns about weight loss, adrenal/thyroid imbalance, fatigue, naturopathic bodywork, wellness consulting, fitness, fat loss, clinical nutrition, biotherapeutic drainage, detox, lab interpretation, and functional medicine.  Her goal is to dig deeper in to your health issues and goals, and guide each patient towards achieving optimal wellness with the side effect of also preventing chronic disease.

Dr. Celeste’s decision to become a Naturopathic Doctor began in her childhood. Her parents are both licensed massage therapists who live a holistic and spiritual lifestyle. As a child, her health circle revolved around a Homeopath (Dr. Joel Kreisberg), an Osteopathic Doctor, yogis, and her parents’ macrobiotic ways.  She was essentially born into her destiny.  She has been cured of a childhood tic with one homeopathic remedy, and then rebalanced her HPAT axis to get off of thyroid medication after medical school!  With her intelligence, empathy, patience, dedication, and athletic abilities, she has been able to successfully help others live a healthier happier lifestyle.  

She is proud of continuing the legacy of her healer-parents: Her father runs a successful bodywork practice with specialties in Structural Integration and Zero balancing therapies on Long Island: Rolfworks.com. Her mother has been sharing her music therapy styles across the country for the past few years, you can find her: The Gong Temple

  • Massage/Bodywork:

Dr. Celeste practices Naturopathic Bodywork.  Massage/Bodywork in general has a variety of health benefits, however; naturopathic bodywork is capable of creating a significant improvement in your whole body because of its all encompassing approach. Naturopathic Bodywork also gives you some tools in managing and maintaining the state of your own health, such as the correct nutrition, and helping you to find which environment you function best in (stress management and so forth). If these tools are used appropriately, you can extend the benefits of your actual massage for a longer period of time, making Naturopathic bodywork perfect as not only a treatment tool but a preventative tool. Think of this as a way of reaching your optimum health and wellness potential. Working with the physical body is an easy way to provide immediate as well as long-lasting relief for many issues including general aches and pains, headaches, backaches, postural issues, anxiety, joint pain, fatigue, cellulite, and immunity.

  • Naturopathic Medicine:

Dr. Celeste is a one-stop-shop for your body mind and spirit. She will teach you integrative healthy methods to treat acutely as well as prevent chronic diseases to truly achieve optimal wellness.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, she is trained as a primary care physician; however, in the state of RI she can not be your primary care physician.  This does not limit her ability to treat you as a patient.  She will meet you were you are, listen completely, and figure out the root cause of your complaints as well as the many ways to achieve your optimal wellness. You can expect a balance of conventional medicine and terminology as well as using food and herbs as medicine.  She will address your prior diagnoses with a more holistic medical model, and then find the most natural way possible to bring your body back to balance.  She will act as your coach, motivator, innovator, detective, and guide.  She will provide you with many lifestyle tools and recommendations on how to live a healthier, more energetic, fulfilled life.


If you, or someone you know, would like to have Dr. Celeste as your guide to becoming healthier, feeling lighter, learning how to eat to prevent disease, or just have some tight muscles, please contact her here [email protected]

If you have an emergency, please contact your primary care physician or local hospital, as Naturopathic Doctors can not treat emergency medicine conditions nor can we prescribe pharmaceuticals in the state of R.I.