Dr. Celeste

Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Life-Coaching and Massage Therapy

The Many Ways Dr. Celeste at Wellness Rising  Can Guide You Towards Your Optimal Health In Mind, Body, and Spirit: 

Services Offered:


1. Swedish relaxing full body therapeutic

2. deep tissue

3. Therapeutic stretching

4. Cupping Therapy

5. Gua Sha (IASTM)

6. Myofascial release 

7. Reflexology

9. Facial cupping

10. Scar diminishing therapy

11. Cellulite therapy 

Naturopathic Medicine

1. Complementary 15 minute phone consultation

2. Initial intake: 75-90 minutes

3. Follow up visits: 20-45 minutes

4. 10-28 day Detox/Cleanse Guided Programs

5. Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

6. Health, Wellness, Lifestyle coaching

7. 3-12 month Program Packages that can include most of the above for an affordable investment

Beauty/Spa/Fat loss

1. Ultrasound cavitation - body

2. Radiofrequency skin tightening - body or face

3. US/RF fat cavitation plus skin tightening - body

Travel Services

1. Wellness Fairs

2. Chair Massage Events

3. Health Wellness Fitness Presentations